I do not need another white T-shirt.

The truth is, I don’t even like white.

(Should I ever be blessed enough, or rather should God see fit, IDK how that works. Let’s just say if I get married the dress will most certainly not be white.)

So why, when attending a festival event, when my cousin was being offered a free t-shirt I became jealous. Then i turned into a lawyer and began advocating for myself. “I’m the one that follows you on Instagram.” “I’m the one that brought her over to your stand.”

Despite my valid points or my pleaded and side comments I was not given let alone offered a free shirt. I was disappointed. My argument was solid. I did lead my cousin to their booth. My interest in their products did influence her own browsing. She selected items to purchase (and I tossed the things I wanted in with hers). She asked for a free shirt. The women obliged because she was making a purchase worth over $100 (support black businesses).

The next day. I’m sitting in my home where I currently reside with three hoarders. The mess is so overwhelming that it often discourages me from cleaning. Which began to make me wonder and reflect. Why did I want that damn t-shirt in the first place.

As mentioned, I don’t like white. I despise being invited to all white events because I never have anything to wear.

So again, why did I want this shirt. So many things we at play. We were at a festival. You expect to get free stuff. In this case we were hoping for hair products. The haul was severely lacking and left something to be desired.

Hoarding runs in the family. My cousin, guilty. My mom and her mom: GUILTY. Our maternal grandma, guilty.

This wasn’t my cousin’s first attempt that day to get a free shirt so the seed was planted. The first shirt she attempted to get was orange and I was interested because I love orange and knew I didn’t need more orange he shirts immediately.

The second attempt was the white shirt and she was successful. I shot my and missed. Still doesn’t answer what sparked my desire for the shirt in the first place or why I was disappointed when turned down.

I hope to explore and get to the root of this issue.

Are you a hoarder? Do you know why? Do you live with a hoarder? Are you frustrated by their hoarding? Have you ever had a serious talk with them and tried to get to the root of why?